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Job Interview Tips

Job Interview tips:

These five basic interview tips will help you shine at your next interview.

  • Preparation: Make sure that you know how to get to the interview a few days or the night beforehand so you know the route you need to take. Also, check the time of the journey and make sure you leave with enough time spare in case of delays. Pack your bag the night before. You don’t want to be stressing and rushing around the day of your interview, so rather than forgetting something, pack the documents you need before the day of the interview.
  • Appearance: The way you present yourself is important. Looking tidy and formal will give off a good first impression. Make sure your clothes aren’t creased. It’s basic knowledge but it’s a key boost to your interview.
  • Answers: A lot of interviews ask the same questions. For example, ‘tell us about yourself’, ‘what are your strengths and weakness’ and ‘why do you want this job’ are all good examples of common questions. Before your interview, prepare some answers so that you don’t feel under pressure to answer quickly. You’d rather have an idea of what to say.
  • Ask questions: Make a note of any questions you may have for the interviewer. Writing them down will make you feel more confident since you know you don’t have to try and remember them all. By asking questions it makes the interviewer aware that you are interested and have thought about your future with the company.
  • Research: Finding out information about the company is a good idea. Firstly, for your own sake, you will know what the company is like and whether it’s the right company for you. Secondly, it gives off a good impression to the interviewer. It shows that you are keen and it will also help assist you in the interview with your responses.

Good luck with your interview!



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